December 11, 2023

2024-01-05 | 21:18:28

"They did a full paint job on a 2013 Suburban that had failing GM paint. I don't know what else I could have asked for. Reasonable price, exactly on time, and a really great looking job. Jorge was friendly and great to work with. Really exceeded my expectations. Thanks Jorge!"
October 26, 2023

2023-10-27 | 20:05:18

"Great place to take your old hot rod and not break the bank."
May 23, 2023

2023-06-26 | 16:30:23

March 23, 2023

I love my truck again.

"Thanks for the great work Jorge! Quote was easy and price was good. Not cheap, but good. I had the diamond paint done and I'm really happy with it. Jorge said he could do a color sand and buff but knowing this is my off road adventure truck suggested I see how it turns out or do it lager. It turned out smoother then I expected. I brought it in with the head lights, grill and rear bumper removed. They did a good job but in hind site, I wish I would have remove the mirrors, and window felt and paid to have the jams painted. I'm not disappointed at all. I would absolutely use again. "
February 8, 2023

2023-02-14 | 19:56:23

"Sorry It took so long to finally write this but these guys really did a great job and at a price no one else could touch. They were super helpful in working with me on what I was looking for and I was able to do a lot of the prep work to say on budget. It took 10 years but finally looking like the car in my head. Thank you again for the great work."